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Hello Ladies,

It’s been almost a week since Venus Wave Therapy attended the Women’s Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 

The response was truly incredible, informative and so much fun. There were so many different vendors from health and wellness to travel food and beauty. Many like-minded amazing creative women came to downtown Toronto to show their skills and products.

The Venus Kegel Chair allowed me to help educate women in how important our Pelvic Floor Health is and it’s a topic that doesn’t easily come up in conversation. The chair allowed us as health care practitioners to educate and demonstrate to women and start the conversation about Pelvic Health and Kegel’s. We were able to show how normal natural wear and tear of life can weaken that bowl shaped  muscle in our pelvis.

I’d like to express a big Thank you to the many mom’s, sister’s, aunt’s, nieces, daughters and friends who tried the Venus Kegel Chair. It really opened up the dialogue  while having a good giggle while receiving brand new information about something that’s not the easiest topic to discuss.

All of your questions were impressive and excellent, it was a real privilege meeting all of you.

I couldn’t have done this without my wonderful colleagues Dr Jon Rom, Josh P RN Kolden S marketing guru and our chiropractor Dr Angela Picarelli.

Lucky for the ladies, everyone that arrived at our booth went home with a wealth of information about Kegel’s and the importance of Pelvic Health.

By the time Sunday rolled around on Mother’s Day we had happily spread the important word of the Venus Kegel Chair.

The first thing the women were drawn to was what everyone was lining up for and what the heck the fuss was about as ladies were intently poised on the chair with big smiles on the faces following explosions of uncontrollable laughter as it’s an unusual sensation sitting on the chair at first but you soon get used to it.

Even better thank you for our many contest entries. The grand prize was worth $1,800 dollars for 6 sessions. We’ve already drawn our winner and congratulations to her, she’s so pleased and grateful.

Many ladies wished they could have taken the chair home with them!

How great it would be to do the Venus Kegel Program before a summer holiday. No worries about leaks or embarrassing moments. No need to pack any pads or diapers in your carry on, YAY.

This topic can be embarrassing and should be talked about without embarrassment, not a whispering conversation with our GP.

Spring is a perfect time to re-build and lift the pelvic floor muscles.

Could you imagine yourself this summer feeling totally stress free of embarrassing accidents or leaks and no more desperate searches for a washroom while on holiday. Think of going on a long hike or browse in an old antique market pad free.

One thing I liked to do before leaving the show is to take a final look around and reflect on my team’s accomplishments. While doing so I ran into the Toronto Women’s Show organizer and they wanted to make sure we’re invited back in the fall.

All in all it was a fantastic day. Our Venus Kegel Chair was easily the star of the show. It highlighted how we as women now have crucial access to this product to help us live our best life… See you in the fall.

Karen B

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